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Alnita Dixon


Author of the book “The Brighter Side of Darkness” (by Atinla Noxid) and an Administrator in a prosecutor’s office. In addition to being semi-retired, she works and volunteers at her church and in the community. She loves to travel and enjoys time with family and friends.

Alnita Dixon is a member of a large family of seventeen children. She is the ninth and middle child, eight siblings are older and eight siblings are younger than her. At the age of nine the tragic death of her mother, who died at church, shattered her world. Although this was a heartbreaking experience, she was raised by a loving step-mother who helped heal her broken heart. Despite having a tragic childhood she was inspired and motivated to finish school and obtain a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi.

Working over twenty-five years for County Government, she held different administrative positions for several departments such as the Health Department, Finance Department and County Manager’s Office. Later she moved to the Courts in a Prosecutor’s Office and worked over eleven years until her retirement. After a few years in retirement, she later returned to the Prosecutor’s Office and currently works part-time. At her church, she serves as the Sunday School Secretary and works with Summer Camp.

During her retirement she turned to writing and decided to record her family history. A story she felt should be published and passed on to future generations. Subsequently, this endeavor developed the book entitled, “The Brighter Side of Darkness”. In her story, she describes each child hurt and pain they suffered as children when their mother passed. With the help of a wonderful woman, who was brave enough to marry a preacher, their father, with sixteen children, she nurtured and treated the children as her own. As a result, they triumphed over tragedy.

While writing the first book, she was given titles for two additional books. As she describes herself in the first book, God urged her to write a book about her hurt, pain and shame she suffered from a tragic incident that was so horrific she never talked about it. With guidance from the Holy Spirit she has written and published two books “The Brighter Side of Darkness” and “Abet, Abide or Avenge”. As she ended the first book, God gave her the title for a third book. To her surprise, she is writing a trilogy. She is working on a third book entitled “An Angel Was Among Us” about her Step-Mother. An angel in disguise, she was a natural born mother who gave unconditional love. Always the calm in the storm, wise, patient, loving, and gentle, she ministered to their needs.

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